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French I

lundi--Watch Ch 3 videos; Start Ch 4.1
mercredi--Verb Quiz

Week of November 27th

lundi--standard--do sentences in class.
honors--go over wkbks; review for quiz
mardi--standard--go over sentences; finish wkbk:  
honors--Ch 3.2 quiz review
mercredi--standard--go over wkbks and review for quiz;
honors--do videos
jeudi--standard--Ch 3.2 quiz
honors--start Ch 4.1

Week of November 20th

lundi--standard--Do family tree; hand out workbooks; honors-work on sentences
mardi--standard--finish tree, due by the end of the period; honors-go over sentences; do wkbk 
mercredi--Out for the Rest of the Week--Thanksgiving

Week of November 13th

lundi--go over family tree in book; go over culture day info; go over possessive adjectives; do ex 22 & 23 for hw
mardi--go over hw; do culture; review possessive adjectives; do sex 26 & 28 for hw; handed out extra poss adj work
mercredi--Verb Quiz; go over hw; work on sheet
jeudi--go over wksht; do de contractions; do ex 32 & 33 for hw
vendredi--go over hw; do c'est vs il/elle est
Honors Pauvre Anne 6 due

Week of November 6th

lundi--go over sentences
mardi--go over wktk and review
mercredi--Ch 3.1 quiz
jeudi--start Ch 3.2
vendredi--Culture day in library

Week of October 30th

lundi--go over hw; do BAGS adjectives; did beau chart and adjectives that don't agree with the noun; do ex 17 & 18 for hw
mardi--go over hw; handed out adjective packet
mercredi--Finish adjective packet
jeudi--Go;  over packet
vendredi--Honors--Pauvre Anne Ch 3 due

Week of October 23rd

lundi--start Ch 3; went over all vocab; go new vocabulary sheets
mardi--Reviewed vocab; did practice sentences using adj agreement; did listening; hw ex 1,3,4
mercredi--(PSAT)verb quiz with faire and other ER verbs 
jeudi--go over hw; do être; do ex 8 & 9 for hw
vendredi--(Clubs) (Club Pictures) Honors--Pauvre Ann Ch 2 due; go over hw; did irregular adjective chart; do ex 13 & 14 for hw

Week of October 16th

lundi--Go over 6 translation sentences; gave additional sentences
mardi--go over additional sentences; do wkbks for hw
mercredi--Do faire; go over wkbk
jeudi--Ch 2.2 Quiz
vendredi--Ch 2 Videos; Honors--Pauvre Anne Ch 1 due

Week of October 2nd

lundi--Honors--do listening; go over hw; do exprimons-nous; do ex 25 for hw; standard--start 2.2; go over culture etc.; hand out vocab sheet; do 23 & 24 for hw
mardi--go over hw; do à contractions; do 28, 29, 30 for hw; review for verb quiz tomorrow
mercredi--Verb Quiz over avoir, être, ER, ger and cer verbs

Week of September 25th

lundi--finish doing sentences; honors & 5th--go over sentences; do wkbk for hw
mardi--go over sentences; do wkbk for hw; honors and 5th--go over wkbk; review for quiz
mercredi--go over wkbk and review for quiz; honors and 5th--Ch 2.1 quiz
jeudi--1,6,7 Ch 2.1 Quiz; honors and 5th--start Ch 2.2; hand out vocab sheet
vendredi--Work day

Week of September 18th

lundi--verb review; go over hw; do le, la, les; 9 & 10 for hw   
Honors--go over hw; do er verbs did 12 & 13 in class; do 14 & 15 for hw.
mardi--verb review; go over hw; do er verbs; do 14 & 15 for hw
Honors--went over hw; did irregular plurals; do ex 19 for hw
mercredi--Verb Quiz

Week of September 11th

lundi--Book Videos
mardi--Start Ch 2; go over vocabulary 1; do listening and flash culture; do ex 2 & 3 for hw
mercredi--Verb Quiz over ER verbs; go over hw; do exprimons nous; do ex 4 & 5 for hw
jeudi--honors: take up culture 4, hand out culture 5; go over hw; did verb list; did definite articles; did 7 & 8 in class; 9 & 10 for hw
Standard--go over verb list; redo "ER" verbs; practice ER verbs on boards and do negatives
vendredi--no school

Week of September 4th

lundi--no school
mardi--go over hw; hand out workbookss; do translation sentences in class
mercredi--Verb quiz; went over ER verbs
jeudi--go over wkbks; review for quiz
vendredi--Ch 1.2 quiz

Week of August 28th

lundi--Ch 1.1 Quest
mardi--Start Classroom Vocab 1.2; hand out vocab sheet; introduced all new classroom vocabulary; went over avoir and negatives
mercredi--Verb Quiz over avoir; reviewed vocab from yesterday; went over classroom commands; did listening practice; do 32,33,34 for hw
jeudi--go over hw; do spelling listening; do ex 36 in class; do ex 41 & 42 for hw
vendredi--Honors--take up culture 4, hand out 5; go over hw; went over avoir; do ex 47 48 & 49 for hw

Week of August 21st

 lundi--Eclipse Day; 1,2,3; review all; go over subjects and verbs; do ex 17 in class; do ex 14,18,19,23 for hw shortened 6 & 7
mardi--1,2,3 go over hw
mercredi--être quiz conjugate and translate; 1,2,3,5, go over hw; do 24 in class; 6 & 7--start in book with subjects and verbs; do 14,18,19,23 for hw
jeudi--workbook day; 1,2,3,5 complete in class; 6 & 7 go over hw; hand out wkbks, due tomorrow
vendredi--Honors--take up culture sheet 3; give out sheet 4; go over wkbks; review for Quest on Monday.