Week of August 21st

 lundi--Eclipse Day; 1,2,3; review all; go over subjects and verbs; do ex 17 in class; do ex 14,18,19,23 for hw shortened 6 & 7
mardi--1,2,3 go over hw
mercredi--être quiz conjugate and translate; 1,2,3,5, go over hw; do 24 in class; 6 & 7--start in book with subjects and verbs; do 14,18,19,23 for hw
jeudi--workbook day; 1,2,3,5 complete in class; 6 & 7 go over hw; hand out wkbks, due tomorrow
vendredi--Honors--take up culture sheet 3; give out sheet 4; go over wkbks; review for Quest on Monday.