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Film History

First Quarter Schedule
Early Works of Edison, Lumiere, and Melies
Hugo- Martin Scorsese
The Birth of a Nation- DW Griffith
The Kid- Charlie Chaplin
The General- Buster Keaton
Safety Last- Harold Lloyd
Nosferatu- German Expressionism/ Horror
M- Fritz Lang
Duck Soup- The Marx Brothers
Second Quarter Schedule
Mr. Smith goes to Washington- Frank Capra
Rebecca- Alfred Hitchcock
Citizen Kane- Orson Welles
Casablanca- Micheal Curtiz
It's a Wonderful Life
Third Quarter Schedule
Film Noir
-Sunset Boulevard- Billy WIlder
-The Treasure of the Sierra Madre- John Huston
- The Searchers- John Ford
-Rear Window- Alfred Hitchcock
-Vertigo- Alfred Hitchcock
-Ben Hur- William Wyler