Collierville High School

CHS has 9 National Merit Finalists. . .Sophomore Micaela Anderson qualified for DECA Nationals. . .Seniors Natalie Estes and Claire Thomas qualified for the National Speech and Debate Tournament. . .Two VEX Robotics teams qualified for the VEX Robotics World Championships

1st 9 Weeks Syllabus

CH 2
Section 2-1 Functions
Section 2-2 Graph of Functions
Section 2-3 Properties of Functions
Section 2-4 Piecewise Functions
Section 2-5 Graphing Techniques
Section 2-6 Building Functions Through Modeling
CH 5
Section 5-1 Composite Functions
Section 5-2 One-to-One Functions
Section 5-3 Exponential Functions
Section 5-4 Logarithmic Functions
Section 5-5 Properties of Logarithms
Section 5-6 Logarithmic and Exponential Equations
Section 5-7 Financial Models
Section 5-8 Exponential Growth and Decay