Collierville High School

CHS has 4 National Merit Semifinalists and 14 National Merit Commended Scholars. . .Fall Break is October 8th-12th. . .Last day of the 1st quarter is October 19th
Emily Tate Taylor » Grading Policy

Grading Policy



1.    Be positive!  Attitude is everything.

2.    Give respect and encouragement to everyone. (That includes substitute teachers!)

3.    Keep the classroom (and yourself) clean and tidy.

4.    Be on time.

5.    Make new friends. (Attempt to meet someone new every day!)




Grading is based on student participation and individual musical development.  Students are NOT graded on talent, but on personal effort.


Each student will receive 1 weekly grade (25 points possible) based on the following criteria:

1.    Participation – Physical and mental effort given in class.  Correct posture when singing, mental focus and vocal intensity.


2.    Procedures – Following classroom guidelines.

a.    Have choral folder and a pencil daily.

b.    Put materials away at the end of class.

c.     No cell phones out during class.

d.    No talking during rehearsal.


Additional grades will be given for written assignments, vocal assessments, required rehearsals and required performances.


*Students MUST be at school for at least 4 periods on the day of a concert in order to participate.