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Choir Fee / Choir Trip



-       Each CHS choir student must pay a yearly choir fee of $100, which can be paid in full or made in multiple payments (as indicated on the enclosed invoice).  An envelope has been provided for your first payment.  You can mail it or have your child bring it in to Mrs. Taylor.  There is a locked box in the music office for all payments.


Included in the yearly choir fee:

-       All printed music and materials

-       Student fees for TN regional choral festival, All-Southwest audition and participation, All-State fees

-       Transportation for choral events

-       Musician fees for CHS concerts

-       Subs for Mrs. Taylor for choir field trips

-       CHS choir tee shirt


FUNDRAISERS ARE PROVIDED FOR STUDENTS TO EARN FEE AND TRIP MONEYIf your child has fee waiver status, please let me know.  We are not given this information through the school.  They may still raise the money, however, through fundraisers in order to finance their needs in choir. 


I have read the information regarding the required choir fee and concert attire for my child, ____________________________________.



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We are considering a competition choir trip in the spring semester.  Plans are underway now with information to follow soon.  The cost for this trip is NOT covered in the choir fee.  Fundraisers will begin in August and continue throughout the year to help students raise their trip funds in a timely manner.  Students will have to commit to their participation early in the school year, so please discuss this with your child now and plan ahead.  The choirs must have balanced vocal parts in order to be competitive, so a high degree of participation is a must.