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Parent Volunteer Form / Field Trip Permission


(If you are willing to help out in any of the following areas, please check the appropriate box.  You will be contacted via email when help is needed.)


_____Food donations for various events


_____Decorations for events (stage décor, table décor, etc.)


_____Choir dress measuring and ordering (during school day)


_____Chaperones for events


_____Trip planning


_____Publicity for events (newspapers, Collierville schools website, community, etc.) 


_____CHS Choir website assistance


_____Assistance to the CHS Booster Club Treasurer





I give permission for my child, _____________________________________________________________________, to participate in any CHS Choir field trip that takes place during the school day (2017-2018).  I understand that my child will be under the supervision of Mrs. Emily Taylor and approved parent chaperones.  I give my consent for my child to be treated by medical professionals in case of emergency while on a field trip.  I understand that all school policies of the Collierville Schools are to be followed on field trips.



                                                                                    Parent / Guardian signature



                                                                                    Daytime phone #



Parent /Guardian email address (please print clearly)


I give the CHS choir program permission to use my child’s photo in context of performance photos on the CHS Choir website, the Collierville Schools website, and in public newspapers.



                                                                                    Parent / Guardian signature