Theme 1 - Capital Investment: Human v. Physical EconEd lesson on the value of human capital
Theme 1 - College: Where am I Going to Go? EconEd lesson on the PACED Decison Making Process.
Theme 2 - Career One Skills Profiler Complete the Skills Profile to develop of list of possible careers to research.
Theme 2 - Memphis Area Wage Report Used for your Career Summary
Theme 2 - Occupational Outlook Handbook This resource is used to research the jobs you chosen in class.
Theme 2 - Writing a Resume' Use the drop menu to the left titled Resume' to search through articles on writing a proper resume' and letter of application.
Theme 3 - Auto Insurance Use for your budget in Theme Three. Be sure to print the quote.
Theme 3 - Fuel Economy for Cars Used for your budget. Print the information on the car you chose. This is used with your auto maintenance spreadsheet.
Theme 3 - IRS Tax Table Used for your budget in Theme Three. Required to find the taxes paid annually for your career. Used with the tax worksheet.
Theme 3 - Student Loan Calculator Used for your budget in Theme Three. Be sure to print out your payment estimate.
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