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Hispanic Heritage Project Level 1

Due:  Tuesday, Sept. 26

Must include foto on an index card one side

-info on the second side must include:  name, occupation, where they are from, date born/died, interesting fact.  This can be written in English.

You need to answer the following questions in Spanish:

¿Quién es?

¿De dónde es?

¿Qué le gusta hacer?

Level 3 Hispanic Heritage Rubric

Hispanic Heritage Month

Project rubric

 Due:  Wednesday, Sept. 27

Level 3 decided to use index cards (the bigger ones are better, but any size will do)


Must include en español:


  1. Photo on one side
  2. your name and the name of your famous Latino on the other along with
  3. where they are from
  4. where they live now/where they died
  5. when they were born/died
  6. occupation/mission
  7. description of person
  8. family information
  9. interesting facts



Let me know if I left anything off the list.  This is all I have in my notes.

Classroom Wish List

We always need Kleenex, hand sanitizer and Lysol or Clorox wipes.  Please help us stay healthy!