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This page serves as a resource for our coaches regarding different policies and procedures they may encounter throughout the year.  
Jeff Curtis
District Athletic Director
Collierville Schools
 Updated:  April 15, 2017
 In order to comply with the laws of the State of TN, all CS Coaches must complete the following three courses annually:
Instructions for all Coaches in CS
1. Go to nfhslearn.com
2. Sign in or sign up for an account
3. Order Course/Take quiz for “Concussion in Sports"
4. Order Course/Take quiz for “Sudden Cardiac Arrest"
5. Order Course/Take quiz for "Bullying, Hazing, and Inappropriate Behaviors"
In addition to the above, all Classified & Non-Faculty Coaches must complete these two courses:
2.  First Aid - $65
Follow the same instructions listed above.