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US History and Geography



Coach Heinz: Collierville High School


Standard American history deals with the political, economic, and social history of the United States from post Civil War America to the present. The primary objective of the course is to assist the student in developing a knowledge and appreciation of history and its affect on the present and the future.


Why study American History?


  1. To understand how events of the past affect the present
  2. To give us an idea of who we are as a country and from where we come.
  3. To learn from the mistakes of the past.


Materials needed for class


  1. Textbook: The Americans. A class copy will be provided. There is an online book at the website On the right hand side of the page is the phrase Americas book. Click on it and the chapters and sections will pop up. Scroll to the chapter you need.
  2. Class folder: May be any color, but must have brackets in the middle for notes, homework, handouts, etc. Pockets will be for test, quizzes, etc. Folders will be taken up periodically for a grade.


Class rules

  1. BE ON TIME. This is the number one issue for most bosses.
  2. BE PREPARED. Bring your folder, have your homework done, etc.
  3. BE RESPONSIBLE. Your success, or failure, rests squarely on you.
  4. FOOD AND DRINK: Only drinks in plastic containers with sealable tops are allowed.
  5. CELL PHONES: Put all cell phones and head phones in your bag while we are working.

I will let you know when they can be used.

  1. There may be things that happen in your life that are more important than

what we do in class. If you are going through something at home, outside of class, with family, or anything else and your class work suffers because of it, let me know. Let your other teachers know.   Maybe we can help, but we can definitely work with your grade.




Be prepared for class!!! The more prepared you are, the better your grade will be. You will be graded on a total points scale every quarter. For example, if there are five tests worth 100 points each and 10 daily grades worth a total of 250 points, a project worth 125 points, and a notebook check worth 125 points that is a total of 1000 points. If you gained a total of 825 points your average would be an 83 (82.5). 825 / 1000 = 82.5.

Your grade will be based on the following categories.

  1. Tests – will be administered on a regular basis, about every 8 school days. They will have a variety of questions: Multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank, short answer, essay, etc.


Re Take Policy: If you fail a test: re-take on your own time: before or after school, but not in class; re-take could be in a different format; you cannot skip another class to makeup work for this class; the grade on a re-take cannot be more than 70. You have 5 days to re take tests from the time your grade is entered on power school. You must fill out a Request to Reassess form immediately.


  1. Daily - will cover any in class assignment such as quizzes (group, open and closed note,

       individual), homework, class participation, in class work. Point values will vary with

       assignments. There will be no quiz retakes.

  1. Projects – will take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to accomplish. More

information will be provided later.

  1. Notebook – will be taken up quarterly to check for class participation and homework. Point

       values could be as high as 200 points. Folders can raise, or lower, you grade dramatically.


U.S. History is a Tennessee End of Course subject. This means that each student must take the End of Course Exam during the second semester, but will be exempt from a Second Semester Exam.


Grading Scale: 100-93=A, 92-85=B, 84-75=C, 74-70=D, 69 and below=F


*Remember you must pass U.S. History to graduate!




If you have three or less EXCUSED absences and a 90 or better semester average, you will be exempt from the semester exam.





Cheating in any form is a violation of the school Honor Code and will be punished according to school policy: an automatic zero with no make-up allowed. Parents will be notified and a discipline referral will be made to an administrator.


Make-up Work:


       You assume personal responsibility for any missed assignments upon returning to class. For every day that you are absent, that is how many days you have to turn in any missed work. (If you are absent one day, then you have one day to complete missing assignment).