Collierville High School

Natalie Estes won the National Championship in Extemporaneous Commentary. . .Draco Playhouse won 6 awards at the Annual High School Musical Theatre Awards. . .Rachel Chestnut finished in the Top 10 and Lindsay Michaud earned HM in the NY Times Editorial Essay Contest


If you do poorly on a quiz or test, you may retake that assessment after you have completed some remediation activities AND you have attended one tutoring session with me on that topic.  You must complete the attached form and turn it into me with the remediation activities attached at least 48 hours before you want to take the retake.  You have two weeks from the date the quiz or test grade was put in PS to take a retake.
For vocab quizzes, you can make flash cards, write the words 10 times each in Spanish, and you can use them in a sentence.  Proof of this work should be turned in with the retake form.
For grammar quizzes, you can write sentences that use the grammar correctly, you can make verb charts in the appropriate tense or you can redo a worksheet or bell work we did in class and show that to me.