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Annual Testing Information

Annual Testing Information for High School

1) WIDA (World-Class Instructional Design & Assessment)
WIDA tests the four modalities of language (reading, writing, listening & speaking) of second language learners to assess their proficiency with the English language. The results help guide decisions regarding student placement within the ESL program.  Additionally, content teachers are provided with each students' proficiency level to assist them with modifications and accommodations for differentiated instruction.  Newly registered students are tested using the WIDA Screener or classification is verified with their previous schools if they attended one within the US. EL students are tested annually in March until they test proficient in their second language.  At that time, they are exited from the program and are monitored for four years to ensure academic success.  
Click on the links below for more information on testing as well as tutorials for the computerized test.  
2) EOC (End of Course) State Assessments
  • High school students are required to complete state assessments, referred to as End of Course exams (EOCs) in the following content classes:
    • *English 9 (I) & English 10 (II)
    • *Algebra I/Geometry/Algebra II or Integrated Math I/II/III
    • *U.S. History
    • *Biology
3) ACT & SAT Testing 
  • To receive a regular high school diploma, all students enrolled in a Tennessee public school during their eleventh (11) grade year are required to take either the ACT or SAT. English language learners are allowed accommodations on the ACT.  Click on the links below for more information on the ACT/SAT and EL accommodations.