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Dragon Reading Challenge

In order to promote and encourage school-wide reading, the CHS Library introduces the Dragon Reading Challenge for our students and faculty.  Each month, a challenge for the month will be announced.  Students and teachers may sign up at any time to participate.  They will be enrolled in a Schoology Course.  Once a reader has finished the book he/she has chosen, they are asked to post a brief comment/review about the book on Schoology.  And please post on Twitter at #DragonReadingChallenge  Not on social media?  No problem!  Just submit your written or recorded comment on your book to Mrs. Haggard, and she’ll post it for you.    Each month there will be a new challenge.  Students and teachers who complete the challenge for the month will earn a digital badge. New this year:  Use Flipgrid on your computer to make a post about your book!

Look for each month's challenge below. Contact one of your friendly librarians to sign up!  

Need a recommendation?  Try one of these:
  • Click on Dragon Readers on the Main Page of this site.  There are several sites listed that provide recommendations.
  • Ask a librarian!  The public librarians are glad to help too!
  • Try a VSBA book.  Check the high school part of the site for previous winners and the lists for at least 2 years.  VSBA
  • Once you've enrolled in the DRC on Schoology, you can see what others are reading and recommending. Ask Mrs. Haggard to add you to the Schoology group.
  • Check the #DragonReadingChallenge display in the library for suggested.  You'll find it near the printer in the library.
September's Dragon Reading Challenge: 

Reading can help develop empathy, so this month's challenge is to read a book about a person who is different from you.  Post your comments on Schoology.  You can also make a FlipGrid by clicking on the link on Ms. Cozzens' library page.  

And be sure to come to the library during your lunch on Sept. 28 to share about your book at our Wrap Party! We're hoping to connect with another school using technology to share our books with them.

October's Dragon Reading Challenge
This month's challenge fits right with the season: Read a book from the Horror or Thriller genres.  Need a suggestion?
Check out our Library Display, ask a friendly librarian, or check out our Collections for these two genres at gofollett.com. Share your book on our Schoology page (ask if we need to add you to this group) or make a FlipGrid to share about your book.  
November-December Dragon Reading Challenge
Our new challenge is to Travel in Time.  You can choose whether you want to read something set in the past (historical fiction) or something set in the future (science fiction).  Or you can even read a nonfiction book set in the past.  This challenge will take us up to Winter Break.  The Wrap Event will be during lunches on Dec. 19.