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Dragon Reading Challenge

In order to promote and encourage school-wide reading, the CHS Library introduces the Dragon Reading Challenge for our students and faculty.  Each month, beginning in January, a challenge for the month will be announced.  Students and teachers may sign up at any time to participate.  They will be enrolled in a Schoology Course.  Once a reader has finished the book he/she has chosen, they are asked to post a brief comment/review about the book on Schoology.  You can also post on the Padlet at the bottom of this page and on social media with the hashtag:  #DragonReadingChallenge.  Not on social media?  No problem!  Just submit your written or recorded comment on your book to Mrs. Haggard, and she’ll post it for you.    Each month there will be a new challenge.  Students and teachers who complete the challenge for the month will earn a digital badge.

Look for each month's challenge below. Contact one of your friendly librarians to sign up!

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Click the link for Feburary's Padlet.

Need a recommendation?  Try one of these:
  • The Padlets on this page
  • Click on Dragon Readers on the Main Page of this site.  There are several sites listed that provide recommendations.
  • Ask a librarian!  The public librarians are glad to help too!
  • Try a VSBA book.  Check the high school part of the site for previous winners and the lists for at least 2 years.  VSBA
  • Once you've enrolled in the DRC on Schoology, you can see what others are reading and recommending. Ask Mrs. Haggard to add you to the Schoology group.
  • Check the #DragonReadingChallenge bulletin board in the main hallway for posted reviews.