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ACT, AP, and CLEP test prep (With ASVAB too!)

Here is info for ACT.  Click on the links at the bottom for AP and CLEP.  The process is very similar for all three.  Take advantage of these FREE resources to improve your score!
Here are some suggestions to help you improve your score on the ACT:
  • Go to https://tntel.info.  Choose Test Prep, then follow the prompts to choose College Entrance Exams, and ACT.  You can download a copy of Peterson's ACT Prep Guide, take practice tests, try the Word of the Day, and even take a diagnostic pretest to help you know where you need to focus most.  You will need to create a free account to access these resources.
  • Click on the Videos menu at the left to learn how to use the resource above. 
  • Your library card to the Collierville Burch Library gives you access to tutor.com.  Here's a link to the library's web page so you can contact them for more info.  Collierville Burch Library:  http://colliervillelibrary.org
  • Try Kaplan's Question of the Day:  http://kaplanquizzes.com/act/. I think this is a free resource that you can have emailed to you daily.
  • Learn some strategies to help you with areas of the test.  For English, focus on Sentence Structure and use of commas.  For Math, draw and label a diagram to help you visualize the problem.  You can also work backward on the problem by choosing the middle answer and seeing if it will fit the problem.  If it doesn't work, choose another answer that makes sense.  For Science, learn to recognize patterns that will help you predict the answer.  (Note: These were strategies shared by Dr. Ben Phillips at Jane Ross.)
  • ACT offers a service on certain tests that  will send you all your answers for the test you just took so that you'll know where to focus.  There is an extra fee for this but it will give you some valuable info about where you need to focus to improve your score.