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Natalie Estes won the National Championship in Extemporaneous Commentary. . .Draco Playhouse won 6 awards at the Annual High School Musical Theatre Awards. . .Rachel Chestnut finished in the Top 10 and Lindsay Michaud earned HM in the NY Times Editorial Essay Contest


Contemporary Issues

Michelle Cox
2017 - 2018 School Year
Social Studies
 Welcome to Contemporary Issues! Contemporary Issues is a semester long elective course that will focus on the events of today.  Class participation is mandatory!
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Past Assignments


 Read the following articles and be ready to discuss in class Wednesday and Thursday. Quiz over news on Friday.
Image pg 3
Blurbs pg 7
Image, Australia, Data pg 11
Ticker, Justice pg 12
Letter from Guam pg 14
Image pg 16-17
The View pg 19-20
Hate in America pg 26-43
10 Questions pg 60


 First Current Event Assignment Topic of Your Choice.