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Principal's Message

Dear parents/guardians,
      On behalf of the faculty and staff at Collierville High School, I am happy to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year! We are looking forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure our students achieve their highest potential. I am confident the overall academic experience will be highly intensive while challenging students to journey beyond their comfort zones. It is our mission to provide an enriching, supportive environment designed to promote academic excellence, develop respect for all individuals, and expand the personal interests and talents of our students. This is ultimately our overarching commitment to our students, parents, and the Collierville community.
      We recognize that to be successful in school, our students need support from both the home and school. We know a strong partnership with you will make a great difference in your child’s education. As partners, we share the responsibility for our students’ success and want you to know that we are committed to doing our very best to carry out our responsibilities. We ask that you guide and support your child’s learning by ensuring that he/she practices the following behaviors:
      ·attends school daily and arrives on time, ready for the day’s learning experience
      ·completes all homework assignments given by teachers
      ·reads daily to develop a love for reading and to improve literacy skills
      ·shares school experiences with you so that you are aware of his/her school life
      ·informs you if he/she needs additional support in any area or subject
      ·checks PowerSchool and teacher webpages at least once a week to ensure responsibility                  
and ownership for his/her own learning
      In addition to being committed to academics, it is my hope that all students get involved in our school through athletics, music, drama, student leadership, community volunteerism, and school activities and clubs. I also ask that you consider joining our PTSO. Our students can greatly benefit from your involvement and contributions to the school’s program and its operations.
      In closing, I thank you for your support, and I look forward to working with you all and pushing our students to the very apex of academic heights. On behalf of the staff of Collierville High, I want to again welcome and thank you in advance for the many great things we will do together this school year.
Roger L. Jones, III
Principal, Collierville High School

Important Dates

October 11th                Last Day 1st Quarter
October 14th-18th       Fall Break
November 25th-29th Thanksgiving Break
November 30th          Deadline to buy discounted yearbooks


CHS Yearbooks are Now on Sale Featured Photo

CHS Yearbooks are Now on Sale

It’s time to buy your yearbook. Click on the link to get yours now before the price increases!! There are inevitably some friends every year who miss this information, so be sure to help us spread the word.
CHS Has 18 Earn Spots on the All-West Senior Honor Choir Featured Photo

CHS Has 18 Earn Spots on the All-West Senior Honor Choir

On Saturday at Cordova High School, 42 CHS singers auditioned individually for the 2019 All-Southwest TN Senior Honor Choir. Please congratulate the following 18 CHS singers who scored high enough to earn a spot in this prestigious choir. (There were 850 students from 34 local high schools who auditioned.) Soprano 1: Teyah Young Aubrey English Paris Whisnant Meher Boghani (1st Alternate) Soprano 2: Erin Smith Jamey Ryan Maddie Bobbitt Halle Treace Alto 1: Gracie Tanner McKenzie Barr Alto 2: Claire Criner Eliza Reynolds Elaina Andress Tenor 2: J. M. Holmes Bass 1: J. P. Senyoni Bass 2: Jack Siegel Nick Muskina Hank Aiken (1st Alternate) Congratulations to these outstanding young musicians! (The event will take place in mid-November.)