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Principal's Message

Roger L. Jones, III
Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,
Welcome back to Collierville High School for the 2023-2024 school year! I am thrilled to embark on this new journey with all of you, building upon the successes of the past and aiming for greater achievements in the year ahead. The previous school year showcased our resilience as a Dragon Family, and I have every confidence that this year will bring even more growth, learning, and positive experiences.
As we begin the 2023-2024 school year, there are several updates and changes that I would like to highlight:
New Horizons with the Block Schedule:
We have embraced a transformative change in our school day structure. Transitioning from an eight-class period day to a 4x4 block schedule has allowed us to enhance the learning experience for our students. Under this system, students will engage in four 85-minute classes and a 30-minute seminar each day, completing a course within a single semester. This innovative approach empowers students to earn up to four credits per semester and a total of eight credits per year. The block schedule fosters deeper learning by enabling various activities during a single class period, such as direct instruction, collaborative projects, discussions, assessments, and tutoring. Moreover, it grants students the flexibility to explore more classes, including electives, and take advantage of off-campus opportunities like internships aligned with our Career and Technical (CTE) courses.
Guidelines for Success:
To ensure a smooth and productive year, I'd like to emphasize a few key procedures and expectations:
Parking: If your student will be parking on campus, please remember that a parking pass corresponding to the numbered spot is required. Hangtags must be clearly visible on the front windshield at all times.
Dress Code: We are maintaining our focus on adherence to the district's dress code policy. Please note the specific guidelines: skirts, dresses, or shorts should not exceed four inches above the knee; hats and hoodies are not to be worn in the school building except for religious or medical reasons; shirts and tops must cover the midriff; undergarments must be discreetly covered; and blankets or pillows are not allowed under any circumstances.
• Electronic Devices: In-class use of cell phones and earbuds is permitted only with teacher-approved educational purposes.
• ID Badges: Students are required to wear their ID badges visibly at all times. If a badge is lost, damaged, or unavailable during the school day, it should be promptly replaced for a fee of $5.00. Temporary badges will be issued if necessary.
Commitment to Our District's Mission:
As we embark on this academic journey, let us remain steadfast in upholding our district's core values of scholarship, integrity, and service. Through our dedication to scholarship, we strive for academic excellence, fostering a love for learning that will shape our students' futures. Our commitment to integrity ensures that our actions are guided by honesty, responsibility, and ethical conduct. Furthermore, our dedication to service encourages us to contribute positively to our school, our community, and the world around us.
Enhanced Communication and Engagement:
Our commitment to effective communication and engagement remains unwavering. Teachers will update Schoology weekly, ensuring students and parents are well-informed about class agendas. Your child's teachers will provide instructions during the initial week regarding how Schoology will be utilized for their courses. Furthermore, grades will be updated every Monday, granting students valuable insight into their academic progress. If a student is absent, please provide a note or email [email protected] with the student's name, absence reason, and date(s).
In conclusion, I am excited to see each student flourish in an environment that fosters connection, belonging, and achievement. We consider ourselves fortunate to guide these young minds and are dedicated to a successful school year marked by accomplishments, milestones, and cherished memories. Remember, our Dragon spirit is unwavering—GO DRAGONS!

Roger L. Jones, III

Fast Facts

  • 40+ Dual Enrollment courses offered with 4 postsecondary partners
  • 32 Athletic Teams
  • 1,985 AP Exams administered in 27 content areas in 2023
  • 44.7 Million in scholarships for Class of 2023
  • 113 Clubs and 11 Honor Societies