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Academic Programs

HONORS DIPLOMA PROGRAM- Diploma of recognition towards high level of classes where as a student has achieved 12 Honors/AP classes by graduation.


30 AND ABOVE CLUB- The 30 and Above Club was created to provide incentives for achieving a higher ACT score. Membership in the club is by invitation only after achieving a 30 or higher score on the ACT for any grade level.  CHS provides free tutoring services for all students to improve their chances of membership in this club or in order to qualify for the Tennessee Lottery Scholarship.

BETA CLUB- Requirements: Must have a 90 average and good teacher evaluations. Applications taken in early October from 10th, 11th, & 12th grade students.  Dues: $5.00 (+$15.00 initiation fee when inducted).  Goals: Recognize good scholarship and school citizenship and encourage service to others and community (members are encouraged to give 20 hrs. in service to others during the year).  Activities: Christmas in Collierville; Fair-on-the-Square; assisted in various charitable activities; tutoring.

MU ALPHA THETA- Requirements: Currently enrolled in Honors Math Course, High school math average is 90 or greater Purpose: Mu Alpha Theta is a National Mathematics Honor Society encompassing over 65,000 students in more than 1,400 schools. We are dedicated to inspiring keen interest in mathematics, develop
ing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in high school and two-year college students.

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY- Requirements: Must be selected by faculty council. Students ca
National Honor Society / Induction Process
nnot join NHS. Open to Juniors and Seniors with a 95 or higher avg., good character, leadership and service evidence. Applications are available in September and selection occurs in October. Dues: $15.00. Goals: Promote scholarship, leadership, character, and service.  Activities: Tutoring and service activities.
DUAL ENROLLMENT CLASSES-  Collierville High School juniors and seniors are eligible to participate in the dual enrollment program where college credit can be earned through the University of Memphis. Dual enrollment courses are taught by CHS teachers, and college credit is awarded upon successful completion of the course.

There are fees associated with dual enrollment courses and students are required to purchase the college textbooks for the course(s).
HCS makes a five-point gain in Advanced Placement pass rate
ADVANCED PLACEMENT PROGRAM- The Advanced Placement Program consists of college-level courses and exams that give high school students the opportunity to receive college credit. About 1,300 institutions, including some of the most selective colleges in this country, award a full year’s credit to students with satisfactory scores on the AP exam. AP courses are introductory or second year college courses; they require more time and work, but they offer greater opportunity to master a subject and to explore it in greater depth. All AP classes require summer assignments and/or projects. Students who enroll in and Advanced Placement course at Collierville High School are required to take the AP examination.
Honors Courses Offered at CHS:
Art III English I, II
Etymology Algebra I, II
Pre-Calculus Geometry
Biology Chemistry
Human Anatomy & Physiology STEM I, II, III, IV
French I, II, III, IV Conversational French II, III
German I, II, III Latin I, II, III, IV
Spanish I, II, III Varsity Band
Advanced Placement Courses Offered at CHS:
Art History Studio Art
English Language English Literature
Biology Environmental Science
Chemistry Physics I
Physics C French
German Latin Literature
Spanish Computer Science Principles
Calculus AB Calculus BC
Statistics European History
United States History United States Government
Macroeconomics Microeconomics
Psychology Human Geography
World History