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CHS Seal of Bilingual/Biliteracy Program

CHS Seal of Bilingual/Biliteracy
The 2017-18 graduating class will be our first bilingual students to be recognized under the new CHS Seal of Bilingual/Biliteracy.  The program recently adopted by the state of Tennessee recognizes the value of speaking more than one language, promotes language proficiency, and delivers new economic opportunities to our students as they transition into college and the work force. Students must complete an application (scroll down for forms) and meet the requirements to be accepted. Depending on your language background, some students may be required to complete a bilingual proficiency exam (STAMP).  Once approved and accepted, students will receive a CHS Seal of Bilingual/Biliteracy on their diploma as well as an additional cord for the graduation ceremony to recognize their accomplishment of being bilingual.
Bilingual vs Biliteracy
Being bilingual is the ability to express oneself in two or more languages with the facility of a native speaker and must test proficient in all four domains (reading, writing, listening & speaking).
Biliteracy is the ability to express oneself in two or more languages with a high level of proficiency in reading and writing.
Program Facilitators:
Mrs. Misenheimer - (Room 124)
Mrs. Reed - (Room 134) 
Why should I pursue the CHS Seal of Bilingual/Biliteracy?

STAMP Testing Information

2018 Spring STAMP Testing Dates: April 3 - 5

Deadline for payment & sign-up: April 1

What is the Avant STAMP 4S test?  
STAMPS Practice Tests:
STAMPS Payment Link: