Ignite: The Dragon Experience (Period 1)

Sarah Jett

Course Description

This past winter, CHS administration approached the staff with a concept for a freshmen orientation class. We researched best practices, interviewed upperclassmen, and worked with the entire faculty to determine what knowledge and skills freshmen should know in order to be successful at CHS and in their individual paths after graduation. And, just like that, “Ignite: The Dragon Experience” was born.

Throughout this semester, your child will learn:

  • Study skills (how to take notes, time management, etc.)
  • Soft skills (professionalism, time management, etc.)
  • Basic career exploration
  • Post-secondary options exploration (four-year universities, trade schools, etc.)
  • Preparing for the ACT
  • General high school information such as how many credits are needed to graduate, how to calculate a GPA, and how to get involved in clubs and extracurricular activities

In this class, your child will receive grades for both quarters and have a semester exam. However, the majority of grades will be completed during school and based on participation in research, class discussions, and other classroom activities. There are no specific supply requirements or textbooks. I simply request a positive attitude and students who are committed to doing their best.