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Collierville Schools opened in 2014 and now has approximately 1000 employees in six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. Collierville High School was part of the Shelby County Schools system until they became the newly formed Collierville Schools in July 2014. In the fall of 2014, six municipalities formed their own districts breaking away from the SCS system. CHS is the largest public high school in Tennessee.
Collierville High School
11605 E. Shelby Dr.                                                                    *College recruiters need to schedule appointments
Collierville, Tennessee 38017-1151                                             with Lisa Toldi @
(901) 854-2340        fax (901) 221-2553 / 853-3313
From the intersection of W.Poplar Avenue and New Byhalia Road, take New Byhalia south 1.75 miles & then turn left on E. Shelby Dr. Continue on E. Shelby Dr. for .75 miles. Just after the light @ Sycamore Rd. intersection, take the 2nd right onto the CHS campus. Visitors need to check in at the main office showing a valid driver’s license. Athletic facilities can be reached by taking the 3rd entrance onto campus.                                                         CEEB # 430410

Roger Jones, III, Principal                                               
Daniel Ford, Curriculum AP                                           
Sharron Taylor, Registrar                                                
Jerri Czosek - 12th A-L                                                   
Brooke Loeffler - 12th M-Z                                            
Kristy Krotzer - 11th A-K                                               
JoAnna Johnson - 11th L-Z                                             
Jani Smith - 10th A-John                                                 
Matt Moskal - 10th Jones-Z                                            
Cedric Stevenson - 9th A-Le                                           
Courtney Bittick - 9th Li-Z                                             
Makenzie Perkins - Prevention Counselor                      

“Where heritage and tradition welcome growth and innovation”
Located in southeast Shelby County, Collierville was incorporated in 1870 and presently has a population of 50,616. The town area consists of 18,568 acres on 24.6 square miles. The reserve area allows another 13,440 acres to grow into. Nestled some twenty miles east of Memphis, Collierville provides diversified residential living with parks, theatres, a community center and excellent recreational facilities. Recently released results of a special U.S. census indicate that Collierville is growing at the astounding rate of ten percent annually, one of the fastest growing communities in the United States. Once a rural farming area, Collierville is now home to over 50 industries with ample distribution access. Collierville residents, whose income level is above the national average, enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Money magazine named Collierville, as number 8 in the top 20 cites to live in the South. Collierville Historic Town Square was voted, “Best Main Street” by Parade Magazine. Collierville High School was nominated among the “Best Public High Schools in America” by Newsweek magazine and the Washington Post newspaper. Collierville High School transitioned to a brand new 450,000 square feet, state of the art facility in August of 2018. The campus is situated on 158 acres at the corner of E. Shelby Dr. & Sycamore Rd. CHS is the first and only public high school in Tennessee granted a Cum Laude Society charter. Students are provided an opportunity to participate in over 100 different extracurricular activities including service organizations, clubs, and 27 athletic and club sports. CHS is fully accredited by The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and holds memberships in NASSP, TSSAA, NACAC, and SACAC. The school year is 175 days divided into four nine-week periods. The school day consists of eight 45-minute classes. 8% qualify for free or reduced lunch. 85% of our graduates attend a four-year institution and 14% attend a two-year. Our graduation rate was 96%+ in 2020. CHS was named a “Reward School” for 2018-19; Highest recognition a school can receive by TN Department of Education.
The average 2019 ACT College prep composite score is 25.1. We administered 2095 AP exams in 2020 with an average score of 75 % making a 3 or better. The Class of 2020 had 5 National Merit Finalists, 18 Commended Scholars
English 4 credits
Mathematics 4 credits (Algebra I, II, Geometry and a fourth higher level math)
Science 3 credits
Social Studies 3 credits
Physical Education &Wellness 1.5 credits
Foreign Language 2 credits
Fine Arts 1 credit
Personal Finance 0.5 credit
Elective Focus 3 credits (Math & Science, Career & Technical Ed., Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, AP, or Journalism)
Total 22 credits

Dual Enrollment (8) (through the University of Memphis) *weighted as AP courses
Biology II - College Algebra - Survey of American History - Engineering--English IV - Intro to Linear Algebra - Culinary I & II
Dual Enrollment (18) (TN College of Applied Technology)* --- Architectural & Engineering I & II,
Arts & Design I & II, Automotive I & II, Cybersecurity I & II, Nursing I & II,
Residential & Commercial Construction, Pharmacy I & II, Vet & Animal Science I & II, Welding I & II
Dual Enrollment (1) (through University of TN-Martin)* Plant Science
Honors Courses (32 courses)
Algebra I, II                                                               Forensics/Debate                                                                Pre-Calculus
Anatomy & Physiology                                             French I, II, III                                                                   Spanish I, II, III
Art II, III                                                                   Geometry                                                                            STEM I, II, III, IV
Biology I                                                                   German I, II, III                                                                  Strings III, Strings IV
Chemistry                                                                  Latin I, II, III                                                                      Varsity Band
English I, II                                                               Personal Finance

Advanced Placement (26 courses)
Art History                                                               
Biology                                                                     European History                                                                Physics 1, C Electricity
Calculus AB                                                             French Language                                                                 Psychology
Calculus BC                                                             German Language                                                                Spanish Language
Chemistry                                                                Human Geography                                                                Statistics
Computer Science Principles                                  Latin                                                                                      Studio Art: Drawing
English Language and Composition                       Macroeconomics                                                                   U.S. Gov’t & Politics
English Literature and Composition                       Microeconomics                                                                    U.S. History
Environmental Science                                           Music Theory                                                                        World History

For the purposes of determining eligibility for the Tennessee State Lottery Scholarships, 5 points are added to all quarter grades in Advanced Placement & Dual Enrollment courses and 3 points are added in Honor level courses. Class rank includes all credit bearing courses on the transcript. Rank is based upon a weighted grade average. The GPA is reported as both weighted and un-weighted. On line course averages do not count in the GPA or the rank.
Grade Percent Range Percent Range GPA
GPA weighted
GPA weighted
AP & Dual
A 93 100 4.0 4.5 5.0
B 85 92 3.0 3.5 4.0
C 75 84 2.0 2.5 3.0
D 70 74 1.0 1.5 2.0
F 0 69      

Faculty 2020-21 Bachelor’s degree Advanced Degrees Doctorate 1-10 yrs. exp. 10+ yrs. exp.
16 100% 64% 6% 42% 58%