Principal's Message

Collierville High School COVID-19 UPDATE
Parents, guardians, and students,

I know that many of you have questions about what Collierville Schools is doing as far as academics during this time out of school. The district is rolling out a distance learning plan on Monday, March 30, which will consist of optional activities that students may complete as it relates to academics. All CHS teachers will use the same template for suggested activities. Teachers may also post extended learning opportunities and resources on Schoology. 
Given the tremendous stress that some of our families are under and the varying levels of access for ALL students, as well as support available to help our students, ALL activities are recommended but optional. In addition, we are not taking grades on any activities. Our goal is to provide learning and enrichment activities to support skill maintenance and offer both academic and creative opportunities. Dual Enrollment courses are under the direction of post-secondary institutions and will require continued participation for students to receive college credit. While activities in Advanced Placement courses will be optional, students will have the opportunity to take an AP exam through an online system that is being developed by the College Board, which they will have to pass to receive college credit. Please click here for more information from College Board on AP Updates for Schools Impacted by Coronavirus.  

I have attached information about pickup times and pickup locations for instruments and art supplies for select
classes only if you are interested; however, it is not required. Students will not be permitted to enter the building or congregate during their pickup times. Students should reach out to their teachers if they have any questions. 
Activities for all courses will be posted on the district page each week. Please click here to access this page. Our teachers will stay in touch with students each week as they will have office hours from 9:00AM to 12:00PM each weekday. Teachers are also expected to answer emails within 24 hours. Emails received after noon on Friday will be answered on the following Monday. As I stated previously, teachers will likely post additional resources on Schoology, so students may wish to check the Schoology pages on a daily basis.

As educators, we have been inundated with information about the COVID-19 and we are having to refocus and rethink how we are going to connect with and help our students. We are truly navigating through uncharted waters at this time. Please know that we are working very hard to provide for your children. We are in this together! 
If you need to withdraw your child during this time, please email Student Services at Please let any new families coming to CHS know to contact Student Services in order to register a student. If you need support from one of our counselors, please reach out to them.
Thank you for your support!
Roger Jones, III