Jeff Curtis » Safety and Emergency Test

Safety and Emergency Test

Computer Lab Safety Test Room 190 
 Coach Curtis 2015-2016
 Student Name: _______________________ Class Period: _______________
 1) Why are overloaded outlets a problem? 
 2) Why should you check for cords and wires below your desk? 
 3) Where should you keep your personal belongings that you bring to class? 
 4) What is the drink/food policy in class? 
 5) Why can you not lean/push on equipment, tables, or printers? 
 6) What will happen if you hit or strike equipment with force in class? 
 7) Why can you not run in the classroom? 
 8) Why must you get teacher approval for outside media into the classroom? 
 9) What is the proper way to eject your flash drive? 
 10) If you sign in to a program, what must you remember to do before class end? 
 11) How do you empty the trash can on your computer? 
 12) Where do we go in case of fire? 
 13) Where do we go in case of tornado? 
 14) What are you to do in case of earthquake? 
 15) What is the class lockdown procedure? 
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