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Post 1: Recommendation Letters
Students and Parents, 

Hope you are having a wonderful summer my positive protons! I know that some of you may even be touring some beautiful college campuses or preparing to take the ACT or SAT. It’s never too early to start thinking about life about high school. When applying for colleges, scholarships, internships, etc., recommendation letters are often a requirement. So, who do you ask? How do you ask?

            As far the ‘who do you ask’, its best to ask a teacher who taught you recently in a core academic subject, such as english, math, social studies, foreign language, or science. Reviewers are trying to gain a true sense of how you are in a classroom setting. How did you perform in the class? If you did the bare minimum to survive and lacked engagement in Spanish, then I probably wouldn’t ask that teacher! How well does that teacher know you? It’s in your favor to choose a teacher whom with knows you and has seen you grow and mature as a student.

            How do you ask? Well not when they are handing out a quiz or 2 days before the letter is due. Hard to believe, but teachers do have lives outside of school. If you want a quality letter, give them sufficient time. Also, it is helpful if you attach a brag sheet with your recommendation information that includes the following: volunteer work, leadership positions, involvement in the arts and clubs, honors/awards, and employment. You are more than a GPA! What are you passionate about? What do you enjoy doing in the summer or on the weekends. Teachers truly want to see you succeed and writing a great, unique recommendation letter will put you one step closer to success! Enjoy your summer!


Mrs. Martin