The Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Cox Memorial Scholarship

$2,500.00 will be awarded

The Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Cox Memorial Scholarship is given each year to a student exemplifying academic success and a good work ethic. This scholarship is intended for a person who has been in Collierville schools for 13 years.

  1. ACT/SAT score
  2. Verbal, Math, English, Reading, Science Composite Score.
  3. Copy of Transcript
  4. College Acceptance Letter
  5. Resume of activities and leadership roles, community service and work experience.
  6. Parents'/Guardians' name(s) and occupation(s)
  7. Student Aid Report provided after submitting your FAFSA
  8. Must have attended Collierville Schools all 13 years.
  9. List all scholarships you have applied and received.
  10. Cover Letter with your plans after graduation.
All Alumni scholarship applications should be submitted to Mrs. J. Sisson in the School Counseling Office.
The Virgil Cox Alumni Scholarship is available for download/print below: