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Teaching as a Profession

Available Courses

  • Teaching as a Profession I is an intermediate course for students interested in learning more about becoming a school counselor, teacher, librarian, or speech-language pathologist. This course covers the components of instruction, teaching strategies, types of assessments, student learning, special populations, and educational technology. Students will conduct observations of educators at work and create artifacts for a course portfolio, which will continue with them throughout the program of study. Upon completion of this course, proficient students will have a fundamental understanding of instructional strategies needed for becoming an educator.

    • Credits:  1.0 (Grade Level 10-11 / Prerequisite:  None)
  • A building block to the Teaching as a Profession Practicum experience, SDC Intro to Education takes a closer look into the daily lives of educators. From the history of education to teacher licensure and beyond, this course is designed for students planning to enter a career in education. Students will develop their own teaching philosophy, design a portfolio, and hear from educators across Collierville Schools about a career in education. Students will be provided a unique opportunity to complete twenty observation hours within an elementary classroom.

    • Credits:  1.0 (Grade Level:  11-12 / Prerequisite:  Teaching as Profession I; English I and II)

    Special Note:  Students are eligible for college credit based on their score on the SDC challenge exam. Students who meet or exceed the exam cut score will receive credit that can be applied at any Tennessee public postsecondary institution.

  • Teaching as a Profession Practicum is a capstone course in the Education and Training career cluster for students interested in applying the knowledge and skills learned in previous courses toward becoming a teacher, school counselor, trainer, librarian, or speech-language pathologist. The course covers classroom professionalism, ethics, policies, communications, and career requirements in education and training fields. The practicum experience will provide students the opportunity to work directly in an elementary school in the Collierville School system. Students will work closely with their mentor teacher to gain experiences working with students that will prepare them for a potential career in education.

    • Credits:  1.0 (Grade Level:  12 / Prerequisite: SDC Intro to Education)
  • Work-Based Learning: Career Practicum is an optional, additional capstone course available to senior-level students who have previously earned credit in the TAP Practicum course. Students enrolled in this course will be able to continue their practicum experience in a work-based learning (WBL) environment at select elementary schools in the Collierville School system. Refer to the course description for Work-Based Learning Career Practicum for other information about requirements for enrollment in this specific WBL TAP course.

    • Credits:  1.0 (Grade Level:  12 / Prerequisite:  Teaching as a Profession Practicum).


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