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Graduation Requirements

To meet state and local graduation requirements, students must earn a minimum of 22 credits in the following specified areas.


English: 4 credits


Math: 4 credits

The four math credits must include Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and a fourth higher-level math course.

Students must be enrolled in a mathematics course each year.

Science: 3 credits

The three science credits must include Biology, Chemistry or Physics, and a third lab course.

Social Studies: 3 credits

The three social studies credits must include:

  • World History and Geography (Standard or AP) or AP Human Geography or AP European History
  • US History and Geography (Standard, AP, or DE) or American History SDC
  • Economics (Standard or AP) and US Government and Politics (Standard, AP, or DE)

Lifetime Wellness: 1 credit


Physical Education: 0.5 credit

The Physical Education requirement may be met through documented participation in at least 80 hours of approved extracurricular activities such as marching band, school sports, or competitive community sports.

Personal Finance: 0.5 credit


World Language: 2 credits

The two world language credits must be obtained in the same language.

Fine Arts: 1 credit


Area of Focus: 3 credits

Three additional credits beyond those listed above must be earned through a focused program of study designed to prepare students for the workforce and postsecondary study.