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10th Grade Course Videos


*0.5 credit course **Addtnl prerequisite criteria ~Application/audition required    ^Must select both courses
  • English II English II Honors
  • Geometry Geometry Honors
    Algebra II Algebra II Honors
    Pre-Calculus Honors Algebra IB** - Enrollment is determined by IEP.


  • Biology I Biology I Honors
    Chemistry Chemistry Honors
    Physics AP Physics I**
    Environmental Science AP Environmental Science
    Human Anatomy & Physiology AP Physics 2
    Biology IB** - Enrollment is determined by IEP.
  • Geography World History & Geography
    AP Human Geography AP World History
    AP European History**  
  • French I French II
    Latin I Latin II
    Spanish I Spanish II
    French I Honors German I Honors
    Latin I Honors Spanish I Honors
    French II Honors German II Honors
    Latin II Honors Spanish II Honors


  • General Music Music Theory
    Art I Art II
    Art II Honors Art II: Sculpture Art Honors
    AP Art History Intro to Theatre
    Film History Acting**
    Video Coming Soon  
    Theatre Production Workshop** Strings I Honors~
    Strings II Honors~ Strings III & IV Honors~
    Varsity Band Honors (Fall & Spring)~^ Percussion Band Honors (Fall & Spring)~^
    Jazz Band Honors~ Color Guard Honors
    Forensics/Debate Honors~ Intro to Videography~
    Video Coming Soon Video Coming Soon
    TV Production Workshop (Fall & Spring)~^ Treble Choir Honors (Fall & Spring)~^
    Video Coming Soon  
    Mixed Choir Honors (Fall & Spring)~^ Chamber Choir Honors (Fall & Spring)~^



CTE Course Offerings


Accounting I

Accounting II


Advanced STEM Applications

STEM I: Foundation Honors

STEM II: Applications Honors


Audio/Visual Production

Introduction to Videography

TV Production (Fall and Spring)


Aviation Flight

Introduction to Aerospace

Aviation I: Principles of Flight

Aviation II: Advanced Flight


Aviation Maintenance

Introduction to Aerospace


Business Management

Business Communications


Criminal Justice & Correction Services

Criminal Justice I

Criminal Justice II

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts I

Culinary Arts II



Computer Science Foundations

AP Computer Science Principles



Physics I AP

AP Computer Science Principles



Marketing & Management I



Horticulture Science


Principles of Plant Science and Hydroculture



Principles of Manufacturing LDC

Robotics and Automated Systems LDC

Nursing Services

Health Science Education

Medical Therapeutics


Sport & Human Performance

Health Science Education

Medical Therapeutics


Supply Chain Management

Marketing & Management I

Supply Chain Management I


Teaching as a Profession

Teaching as a Profession I


Therapeutic Services

Health Science Education

Medical Therapeutics


Veterinary and Animal Science


Small Animal Science Technologies

  • African American Literature African American History*
    Etymology Honors* Facing History & Ourselves*
    Speech & Communications SDC Contemporary Issues*
    Creative Writing Honors Sociology*
    Psychology* AP Psychology
    Video Coming Soon  
    ACT Prep* Journalism (Yearbook)
    Journalism I (Newspaper) Journalism II (Advanced Newspaper)