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12th Grade Course Videos


*0.5 credit course **Addtnl prerequisite criteria ~Application/audition required    ^Must select both courses


  • English IV CLEP DE English Composition II
    AP English Literature & Composition  
  • Bridge Math Probability & Statistics SDC
    Dual Enrollment Calculus 1 Geometry B** - Enrollment determined by IEP.
    Pre-Calculus CLEP Pre-Calculus Honors
    DE College Algebra & Trig  
    AP Calculus BC** AP Statistics
    DE Linear Algebra  


  • Chemistry Chemistry Honors
    Chemistry II CLEP Chemistry II Honors & AP Chemistry^
    Biology II CLEP Biology II Honors & AP Biology^
    Video Coming Soon​​​​​​​  
    Human Anatomy & Physiology Physics
    AP Physics I** AP Physics C**
    Environmental Science AP Environmental Science
    DE Anatomy & Physiology I DE Anatomy & Physiology II**
    AP Physics II


  • US Government CLEP* AP US Government
    DE American Government - Course is taught by a U of M professor. Economics*
    AP Macroeconomics* AP Microeconomics*
    Personal Finance* DE Personal Finance* - Course is taught by a U of M professor.
    AP European History**  
  • French I French II
    Latin I Latin II
    Spanish I Spanish II
    French II Honors German II Honors
    Latin II Honors Spanish II Honors
    French III Honors German III CLEP
    Latin III Honors Spanish III Honors
    Spanish III CLEP AP French
    AP German AP Latin
    AP Spanish Conversational Spanish
    Conversational French
  • General Music Art I
    Art II Art II Honors
    Art II: Sculpture Honors Art III Honors
    AP Studio Art: Drawing** AP Art History
    Strings I Honors~ Strings II Honors~
    Strings III & IV Honors~^ Treble Choir Honors (Fall & Spring)~^
    Mixed Choir Honors (Fall & Spring)~^ Chamber Choir Honors (Fall & Spring)~^
    Varsity Band Honors (Fall & Spring)~^ Percussion Band Honors (Fall & Spring)~^
    Jazz Band Honors~ Color Guard Honors
    Music Theory AP Music Theory**
    Forensics/Debate Honors~ Intro to Videography~
    Video Coming Soon Video Coming Soon
    TV Production Workshop (Fall & Spring)~^ Intro to Theatre
    Video Coming Soon  
    Film History Acting**
    Video Coming Soon  
    Theatre Production Workshop**  

CTE Course Offerings


Accounting I

Accounting II

AP Statistics


Advanced STEM Applications

STEM III: STEM in Context Honors

STEM IV Honors


Audio/Visual Production

TV Production (Fall and Spring)

DE Audio/Visual Production I

Applied Arts Practicum


Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair

DE Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair II & III


Aviation Flight

DE Aviation Flight I

DE Aviation Flight II

DE Aviation Flight III

Aviation Flight Practicum


Aviation Maintenance

DE Aviation Maintenance III & IV


Business Management

Intro to Business SDC

Virtual Enterprise International Honors

Criminal Justice & Correction Services

Criminal Justice SDC

DE Criminal Justice

DE Intro to Courts


Culinary Arts

DE Culinary II



AP Computer Science Principles

DE Cybersecurity I & II



Physics I AP

Physics II AP

AP Computer Science Principles

DE Engineering



Virtual Enterprise International Honors


Horticulture Science

Principles of Plant Science and Hydroculture

DE Digital Agronomy I & II



DE Mechatronics III & IV

Nursing Services

DE Medical Terminology

Nursing Education Honors

Nursing Services: WBL Practicum


Sport & Human Performance

DE Anatomy & Physiology I & II

DE Sport & Human Performance

DE Nutrition

DE Medical Terminology


Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management I & II


Teaching as a Profession

SDC Intro to Education

Teaching as a Profession Practicum

Work-Based Learning


Therapeutic Services

DE Anatomy & Physiology I & II

DE Nutrition

DE Medical Terminology

DE Public Health


Veterinary and Animal Science

DE Veterinary & Animal Science I & II



DE Welding III

DE Welding IV

  • African American Literature African American History*
    Etymology Honors* Facing History & Ourselves*
    Speech & Communications SDC Contemporary Issues*
    Creative Writing Honors Sociology*
    Psychology* AP Psychology
    Video Coming Soon  
    DE Oral Communication - Course is taught by a U of M professor. Journalism (Yearbook)
    Journalism I (Newspaper) Journalism II (Advanced Newspaper)
    Lifetime Sports* Strength & Exercise
      Video Coming Soon