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  • Entrepreneurship

Available Courses

  • Marketing & Management I: Principles focuses on the study of marketing concepts and their practical applications. Students will examine the risks and challenges marketers face to establish a competitive edge in sales. Topics include marketing functions such as promotion, distribution, and sales, as well as coverage of economics fundamentals, international marketing, and career development. Credits:  1.0 (Grade Level:  9-10 / Prerequisite:  None)


    Entrepreneurship is an applied knowledge course that begins with the discovery process of generating new business ideas. Students research local, national, and international social and economic trends and analyze the feasibility of their own proposed businesses, both from a market demand and revenue-producing standpoint. Based on their entrepreneurial endeavors, students will prepare, write, and revise a business plan. In preparation for the business plan, students will conduct market research, study ownership structures, evaluate risks, examine startup costs, determine essential vendors, and identify sources of capital and financing options. Students will also draft, refine, and rehearse entrepreneurship pitches developed from their business plans to present during course intervals and to give final presentations at the conclusion of the course. Upon conclusion of this course, proficient students will be able to articulate and defend elements of a full business plan for a new business. Credits:  1.0 (Grade Level:  10-11 / Prerequisite:  Marketing & Management I:  Principles)


    Virtual Enterprise International Honors is a capstone business course where students develop essential leadership, professional, functional, and core technology skills through hands-on, immersive work-based learning experiences. Students work individually, in departments, and as a firm to develop, refine, and implement a business plan. Credits:  1.0 (Grade Level:  11-12 / Prerequisite:  Entrepreneurship)

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